In our Portland store, we offer a computer analysis to assess your personal health needs and create a nutritional program from the Nature’s Sunshine product line.
How It Works
As you place your hand on a special Compass hand cradle, it measures galvanic skin response and records dynamic changes in the electrical properties with ZYTO’s Decision Support Technology software. In just a few minutes, it submits the body to a sequence of 460 different electrical stimuli and records each response.
The results list the top 1-8 products out of a list of 460 that resonate at an ideal level with your body. The products come from the line of high-quality Nature’s Sunshine Products line, which includes vitamins, herbs, extracts, minerals, weight management products, children’s products, and essential oils.
Confidence in Your Purchases
With the information you receive from the Zyto Compass, you will feel more positive about your purchases than if you simply guessed at what you need. We suggest once monthly assessments to discover the next steps to raising your health to the next level. 

Ordering Information

Visit our Portland, Oregon for a consult with the Zyto Compass.
Initial 1-hour consult:  $85
Follow-up 30-minute consult:  $35
15-minute mini consult:  $25

If you are not local to our store and would like personal attention, please contact us about assistance by phone. 

The Zyto Compass may be used by lay persons and is popular with all types of health practitioners. The device may be purchased for the use of your professional business or for your family.
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