by Sylvia Rogers
Learn how to break the bondage of disease through physical, mental, emotional and spiritual tools present in the Bible. 
The Pearl Box references Bible scriptures and promises from the living Word of God that pertains specifically to our health on several levels.  When we develop our relationship with God and  VERBALLY lay claim to His teachings, amazing physiological, mental, emotional,and spiritual changes occur in our bodies, as evidenced  consistently by biofeedback and other health assessment tools.


  1. Pearls of Physical Health
  2. Pearls of Mental Health
  3. Pearls of Emotional Health
  4. Pearls of Spiritual Health
  5. Using Your Pearls
  6. The Salvation Blueprint
  7. Tools for Cleaning
  8. Reprogramming the Emotional/Body Connections
  9. Sample Prayers Addressing Trauma and Healing
  10. Godly Solutions for a Good Night Sleep
  11. Ellie's Prayer for the Spine & Its Alignment
  12. Prayers for Conception and a Healthy Baby
  13. Total Forgiveness
  14. Cleansing Your Home
  15. Testimonies
The Pearl Box is a wonderful book for personal or group study and easy to read.
by Sylvia Rogers
What if there existed a unique book on healing  that contains powerful life-giving words that act like medicine when spoken over your body, mind, emotions, and spirit?
What if these powerful healing words extended the quality and length of your life depending on how you used them?
What if a computer technology made it easy to map the  impact healing words made on specific body systems?
Would you be interested?
Healing Words teaches you how to speak powerful Biblical scripture over your life to activate the power of God for your personal healing.
Sylvia Rogers has a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and is a Certified Nutritionist, a Licensed Christian Spiritual Healer, a Natural Health Consultant and Herb Specialist, a national lecturer and teacher for Nature’s Sunshine Products, as well as a Certified Biofeedback Specialist who has used scriptural promises and principles to speak and pray with clients during biofeedback sessions with eye-opening and astounding results. She has condensed what she has learned into an easy in a step-by-step demonstration of how you may experience these wonderful results in your own personal healing journey.

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