The aromatherapy necklace is a one-of-a-kind hand-blown piece of artistry that comes with a plastic pipette with which to inject your favorite essential oil.
Filling the necklace is easy. Simply hold the glass bottle upside down, insert the pipette of oil into the internal stem, and squeeze the oil into the hollow of the glass bottle. Gently tilt the bottle to its side to increase the fill level. Withdraw any oil remaining within the internal stem, and right the bottle.
The contained oil will emit a concentrated vapor, great for therapeutic use. Place the base of the bottle tightly against each nostril and inhale deeply, 6-8 times daily. Refill the bottle every three weeks, or when the oil is almost gone.
To clean the bottle, use the plastic pipette to inject into the bottle a mild cleansing solution of your choice, such as diluted white vinegar or alcohol. Shake well, then withdraw the cleansing solution using the pipette.

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The aromatherapy necklace is available for purchase in our Portland, Oregon store.
Cost:  $19.95
Discounts available for multiple purchases. Shipping and handling may apply.
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